Our work keeping all manners of accommodation safe and secure has become somewhat of a speciality at Concept! We have years of experience running full-time teams within a variety of residential settings, from university campuses, emergency and supported accommodations as well as homeless shelters.

Time and time again our emphasis on tailored recruitment and getting to know the nuances of your organisation has brought expansion and success to our company in this sector. For our current accommodation clients, we have developed training manuals and tailored training afternoons which have come to be used by our clients themselves, for their own staff, too. We work seamlessly and in tandem with our accommodation clients, putting in the time and effort to give your business the quality and continuity it deserves.  

Our work in accommodation security is especially successful because we put people at the heart of everything we do. That means our staff, our clients, and our clients' clients! Whether our clients' residents are living in emergency or supported accommodation, or on a University campus, our depth of understanding and capability in managing their accommodation provides a  'ground-up' peace of mind bringing order and organisation to the buildings we work within. 

Our Accommodation Security service comes not only as a specialist and quality service, but includes external staff training, security equipment and a dedicated line for additional Security Consultancy in the form of round the clock, direct Director access. As part of the service we provide, we will equip your buildings with our up-to-date scanning and reporting software free of any additional charge, and consult on your CCTV, systems, and any anything else you need to provide security at all levels to your accommodations. 

Emergency and Supported Accommodation

 Our experience in the sensitive settings of emergency and supported accommodation sets Concept Security apart as uniquely able to provide a well-managed, sensitively delivered specialist security service in this area. 

So much so, that word of mouth recommendations have recently found us contracted directly to Brighton and Hove City Council's government-funded Severe Weather Emergency Protocol - SWEP!

This, most of all is testament to our reputation as well as the empathy and diplomacy of our trained professionals, who balance the safety and security of our clients and their buildings with a caring and carefully delivered approach in their roles. It is thanks to our outstanding teams that we continue to expand in this sector.