As with all our services, commitment to quality and attention to detail are emblematic of close protection at Concept Security. We provide close protection services of exceptional skill, discretion, and diplomacy, ensuring the safety and comfort of our valued clients. Our expert risk assessments and experienced close protection operatives are available for assignments, whether short-term or long-term protection, or contracted residential protection. 

We are discreet, diplomatic and skilled at:

  • Assessing and preventing risk
  • Providing discreet surveillance
  • Protecting clients from unwanted attention or        embarrassment
  • Protecting clients from all forms of violence
  • Providing physical protection to incidents with or without the involvement of a weapon
  • Continually risk assessing venues and surroundings
  • Safely transporting clients

Your dedicated professional will be involved in initial and operational planning and analysis in consultation with yourself, and remain committed to you throughout the period of deployment. All operatives are highly vetted, experienced in close protection and and expertly trained in their roles.

As with all our contracts, we always aim to provide a consistently high quality, approachable and fully bespoke service: Total discretion guaranteed.