At Concept Security our experienced, professional, and well presented teams work together to bring warmth, order and approachability to your venue. We always use preventative - rather than forceful - measures to keep it safe and sound. We value our employees and foster a motivational, friendly team environment with round-the-clock direct Director access. Our staff are organised, attentive and professional: Trained in First Aid, Physical Intervention, and Conflict Resolution.  

We are vigilant on logs and reporting and will supply your venue with personalised paperwork (and additional up to date scan-point software, if requested). Both our tailored logs and our up-to-date software are used by our teams to maintain maximum accountability and transparency, placing emphasis on the duty of care to your staff and customers, and ensuring our customers peace of mind.  

We are always aware that when you contract us for door supervision, your reputation is at stake, so we step up to present our customers with the same dedication and professionalism we pride in our own company.