If a static security presence exceeds your current requirements for security, but you may need us from time to time, our mobile security service could be for you. Our services in mobile security include regular or random patrols, key holding, incident response, alarm response, and accompanied visit services. For properties not requiring a full-time security presence, you can save money, lower insurance costs, and be provided with complete peace of mind in return. Our services are bespoke and flexible, so you can choose to contract just one, or a combination of mobile security services which are tailored to the needs of your premises.

Mobile Security and Incident Response

Key Holding and Alarm Response

Our mobile patrol teams provide a visible deterrence through scheduled or random patrols and prompt incident response. Modern software in which our teams are trained enables us to ensure adherence to bespoke patrol schedules at your location, based on any concerns you may have and the risks local to your premises. We can fit strategically placed electronic scan-tags at our sites with your permission so that on patrols, our officers can use scan-point software to provide real-time reporting on your patrols. You'll receive a detailed report of each patrol including date, time and details of any action required, providing you with a full audit trail with may be able to lower insurances. 

As incident response, our service response rapidly to any incident. Incidents are handled with efficiency and professionalism, deescalating and dispersing any situation, and with reassuring aftercare while our operatives remain on site until they and you are both comfortable, and full security as restored. Full electronic incident reports are provided promptly following all incidents.

As well as providing you complete peace of mind for a fraction of the price of a full-time security presence, attention to detail is also our priority. So in addition to our superior efficiency and reporting our operatives provide a fully managed service while on site, managing and reporting on any maintenance or additional related issues found with real-time imaging. 

Our above and beyond approach in providing mobile security is not reflected in our costs, which are quoted at the same level as a one-size-fits all service without the additional qualities we supply. That is because we truly believe in quality - because when our clients come first, they last. Call us now for a free consultation. 

Our key holding service is employed by both domestic and commercial clients who require a cost-effective and high quality service to manage their alarm response and secure access. Once notified our professional operatives manage the process of activation or incident at your premises efficiently and manage the process, ensuring complete peace of mind. Our key holders will be first to site at vulnerable times to deal with any situation.

In the event of an alarm, our officers perform thorough external and internal checks, and escalate to emergency services immediately if they are required. You will receive a detailed electronic report informing you of what time our team arrived on site and what action was required and carried out. At a fraction of the price of security, peace of mind at your home or business could be just a phone-call away.