Technology is a secure and modern approach to security provision, and at Concept Security we embrace what helps us to achieve excellence. That means safer events and venues, better accountability, and our clients feeling even more secure.

Beyond the usual technical equipment, such as mobile phones and body-worn cameras (which also come as part of our service), our teams are trained to use state of the art technology to carry out their roles with optimum efficiency. Our dedicated handsets scan control points, report to clients, and plan and execute tours of venues and sites. We are able to digitise reports which once would have had to be hand written, attaching pictures and GPS locations to reports.  Daily logs can be replaced by our systems too, automatically recording completed tasks and events and 'clocking in and out' staff making paper-trails and payroll so much simpler and providing full accountability for all time-keeping at your site. 

Tasks are now made easier for our operatives to execute, specifying times and days that the tasks need completing. If a task is incomplete by the end of shift it will alert all to this, improving accountability. Lone working and safety are also improved, allowing our operatives to activate electronic alarms to alert us to their GPS tracked location if necessary, because we believe when our staff feel safe, they can concentrate on our clients' safety and security better.                                                                                                                                

Concept's technology is incorporated into all our services where requested or required, at no additional charge to you.      

We are also able to offer our technologies to those who do not require our services. If dedicated scan point and electronic, real time reporting software is something the could benefit your business, get in touch.